Why I decided to work outside the home

I should start this post by saying that I loved being a homemaker.  In the same way that my husband finds satisfaction from his career as a police officer and is made for that position, I was made to be a homemaker.  I love everything about homemaking.  When I decided to accept my job offer, it was painful. I’m still doing a lot of the same things at home, but I’m not able to do everything that I once enjoyed doing.

My husband also enjoyed me staying home and taking care of him very much as well – but we both discussed and decided that me taking on a job would help us to get our finances under control.

Without further ado, here are the big reasons why I decided to work outside the home:

  1. In college, both my husband and I made the mistake of getting credit cards.  We had paid off a few last year but life happened and we used the cards again.  We both feel very strongly about wanting to live a debt free life and we feel burdened by the debt we owe.  My husband makes good money and works extra hours to bring even more in, but I want to help take the weight off of his shoulders and take responsibility for the mistakes I made.
  2. Last year I got really sick during my second miscarriage and was in the hospital for a week.  My husband also did physical therapy treatments for knee pain and we therefore have a lot of medical bills to pay.  First and foremost I want to pay off this debt that we owe but I also want to save money for future emergencies.  We relied on those credit cards that we paid off during this time instead of having an emergency savings fund to use.
  3. The other debt that we have are student loans from college.  I don’t imagine that we will be able to pay this off during the time frame that I’m planning to work, but I hope that by paying off our credit cards and medical bills we will be able to apply that money every month to paying down our student loans.
  4. We have 2 animals that are both getting older every day and their medical bills are getting more and more expensive.  We don’t want to be in the position where we can’t take care of our babies.
  5. We want to become financially secure for starting a family.  We want to raise children that learn the importance of living with less, trusting in God to provide, and being good stewards of money and resources.  I also want to be able to stay home with my children and homeschool them – it would break my heart if I had to take a job outside of the home because of debt.
  6. We want to be able to give tithe and when we are completely debt free we can be even more generous with our money.

While working outside of the home is a struggle for me and I miss being able to stay home, I have to remind myself of these goals daily and remember that this is just a season of life that I will get through and before I know it, I’ll be back to doing what I love doing.

What about you – have you experienced a season of life where you had to do something that you didn’t enjoy doing?  How did you get through it?  I would love to hear your stories and tips.



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2 thoughts on “Why I decided to work outside the home

  1. warriorgirl2 says:

    In my years of working long long hours while in training, it wasn’t always easy. In fact, each morning was a challenge. Sometimes I worked 30 or more hours in one shift or eighty hours per week, but I told myself it was for the greater good and wouldn’t last forever. “This too shall pass” was my mantra. I also found a sign at a cat show that said, “Relax, it’ll be over soon” and hung it above my bedroom door frame so I could see it each morning when I got up. I’ve been out of training for six years now and my hours are pretty normal now, but it still isn’t always easy to go to work. Part of the reason I work is to pay bills and student loans like you. You just do what you have to do sometimes. For you, your work now is for a wonderful purpose–to pay off debts. When you have kids and stay at home again later, you’ll be so glad you paid off the debts, and maybe by working before you have kids, you will also be able to avoid new debt.

  2. TheFrugalwed says:

    Thank you for sharing – I can’t imagine working the hours that you had to work. My husband works long hours like that and when he is home there is really only time for sleep. It is definitely encouraging to know that you got through it, and to remember that I can get through it too. I’ll be telling myself from now on, “this too shall pass.”

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